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Estate planning is recommended for everyone once they hit the age of eighteen, though it does not become important until someone is older, has assets or a family. However, many people put off estate planning because they find it unpleasant to face the inevitable, their own passing. There is no reason to feel guilt; it is human nature to put off planning for the undesirable.

At Sean J, Nichols PLLC we emphasize estate planning. Having worked with many clients whose loved ones did not create an estate plan we understand the importance of having well planned estate plan documentation in place and updated on a regular basis. It takes a lot of work, time and money to fix the issues created from a non-existent or poorly documented estate plan. With a proper estate plan in place loved ones run a low risk of needing attorney assistance.

Our law office focuses on the most basic to the most complex estate planning cases. From a basic estate plan to ones involving special needs trusts, complicated estates and gift tax plans we are dedicated to creating solid estate plans for our clients and their loved ones.

Each of our clients’ needs differ therefore the law offices of Sean J. Nichols, PLLC focus their legal talents on estate planning that is flexible. Our goal in every estate plan we provide is to educate our clients while utilizing an estate plan that is appropriate for their unique situation. Our role as an established law firm is to remain consistent in offering personalized counsel to establish an estate plan based on what you need and give you all of the available options.

We do not over or under plan your estate. My role as your attorney is to use my knowledge, expertise and experience to craft the right estate plan for you. Call our local law office at 734.386.0224 today to schedule your consultation.