Medicaid Estate Planning In Michigan

Lawyer assists in Asset Protection, Nursing Home Care and Irrevocable Trusts

Medicaid is a federal program that is administered by each state individually. Medicaid offers assistance for low income individuals including nursing home care. When a person is receiving benefits through the Medicaid program over eighty percent of the costs of long term care are paid for.

Loved ones in need of nursing home care most often end up needing to receive Medicaid benefits to help cover their expenses. Contrary to popular belief applicants that receive benefits are allowed to keep a portion of assets and income but the rules are complicated.

The law office of Sean J Nichols offers comprehensive legal advice to assist clients in all aspects of Medicaid estate planning within Michigan. Proper planning with the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can make the difference between financial security and financial devastation.

Our law office helps with:

  • Medicaid Estate Planning
  • Division of Assets
  • Filing LLC
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Long Term Care
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney

All of the above can assist our clients and their families against Medicaid’s estate recovery claim that pursues the home or estate of Medicaid applicants after they have passed.