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Many veterans remain unaware of benefits available to older veterans and their spouses. In fact, considerable misinformation exists surrounding the hard earned benefits veterans may apply for in their “golden years” or sometimes sooner if necessary. So, it’s important to consult with an experienced elder care attorney that specializes in Michigan Veterans Benefits.

Sean J Nichols, PLLC helps veterans and their families throughout the State of Michigan with issues related to disability, aid and attendance benefits, and overall long term care planning.

Requirements For Veterans Benefits

Some veterans falsely assume they do not qualify for elder care benefits, since they were not wounded, or disabled while serving their country. This is not true. For example, there are Aid and Attendance benefits in place for wartime veterans and their spouses to assist with many costs associated with long term care as one ages. These costs include monthly financial help for assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home health care, etc. Thus, it’s important to make an appointment with an attorney that specializes in Michigan Veterans Benefits to check a veteran’s eligibility.

The State of Michigan has five requirements to qualify for Veterans care benefits.

  1. A veteran must have been honorably discharged from the service. This can be proven with discharge papers.
  2. A veteran must have served 90 days of active duty. The 90 day period need not be consecutive days. Additionally, the 90 days may have been in an office, or in the field.
  3. At least one day must have been during a war time conflict. These include: WWII-December 7, 1941-December 31, 1946; Korean War-June 27, 1950-January 31, 1955; Vietnam War-August 5, 1964-May 7, 1975; and the Persian Gulf War-August 2, 1990-present.
  4. A veteran must be paying more in long term costs than income from pensions and Social Security. Some of these long term costs include nursing homes, assisted living centers, in home care, and family caregiver expenses.
  5. Finally, a Resource Analysis is performed by the VA. This is where an experienced attorney becomes extremely important. The VA may say you do not qualify for assistance since you have too much money or own too many assets. An elder lawyer knows how to set up a trust enabling a veteran to qualify for VA assistance. One type of trust is called a VAPT- Veteran Asset Protection Trust.

Picture of the hand of a soldier in a military uniform holding the hand of his daughterOnce the five requirements are met and a veteran qualifies for elder care benefits monthly checks for married veterans are approximately $2,000, single/widowed veterans are under $2,000, and surviving spouses receive just over $1,000. Considering the high costs of nursing home care, this money may help, but, will not cover even half the cost. So, Medicaid may be a better option for some veterans to look into. Needless to say, these complicated, expensive decisions in the later years of one’s life require guidance. Don’t rely on people’s opinions and misinformation. Folks try to help; but, each case is different. Consequently, it’s important to consult with an attorney that specializes in Veterans Benefits.

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Our Law Firm is dedicated to helping elders and veterans throughout the State of Michigan receive benefits they deserve. We are thankful for service veterans provide to this country and want to help in any way we can. If you or a loved one need help with veterans aid and attendance benefits talk to an experienced Michigan veterans benefits attorney today. (734) 386-0224