Livonia Senior Citizen Resources

Resources for Senior Citizens in Livonia, MI

As an experienced elder law, estate planning, and probate law firm, we regularly interact with many senior citizens and their families. These interactions provide us with unique insights on legal requirements and needs associated with the elderly population.

We’ve prepared this page to provide information on various local resources for senior citizens located in the City of Livonia, MI. Continue reading to learn more.

List of Free Elder Resources

Below is a list of free senior citizen resources offered by the City of Livonia and certain non profit agencies. You can click on the individual links below for additional information.

Senior Guide for Long Term Care in Livonia, MI

Civic Park Senior Center

Elder Transportation Services in the City of Livonia

Helpful Contacts for Seniors

Livonia Probate Court

Probate courts handle issues related to asset and inheritance administration, guardianship disputes, incapacity, issues with wills and trusts, etc. The City of Livonia, MI is part of Wayne County. As a result, probate cases will be heard in the Probate Court of Wayne County.

If you’d like to learn more about this specific court system, we wrote an article which provides more detail on this specific court system. Learn more about the Wayne County Probate Court here.

About The Writer

Sean Nichols is an elder lawyer who also practices in the areas of estate planning, and probate. Each of these practice areas deal almost exclusively with senior citizens and their families. Sean started his law firm with the intention of providing the elderly population with necessary the necessary legal resources to plan a comfortable future.

The law offices of Sean J Nichols, PLLC are located in Plymouth, MI and regularly deals with clients located in Wayne County, Oakland County, and across other communities in Southeast Michigan.

If you or a loved one has issues relating to elder law, estate planning, or probate, call and schedule a consultation today. (734) 386-0224

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