Legal Practice Areas

Sean J Nichols, PLLC is a law firm based in Plymouth, Michigan that specializes in helping senior citizens and their families with legal issues involving aging and disability. These issues are categorized into three primary practice areas; elder law, estate planning, and probate. You can learn more about these individual practice areas within the links below.

Estate Planning

Elderly couple holding hands on a couch discussing hiring a Michigan estate planning attorney

Simply put, estate planning involves planning a comfortable future for yourself and loved ones in case of a sudden tragic event such as incapacity or death. Other than planning for incapacity or death, there are many other aspects to estate planning such as minimizing or reducing estate taxes, appointing guardianship, business succession, etc.

Individual areas of estate planning:



Power of Attorney


Conservatorship and Guardianship Probate

Probate courts oversee the distribution of assets after someone passes away. This process is known as probate or estate administration. Probate courts also hear cases related to guardianship, disputes over wills, disputes over trusts and other matters involving estate litigation. Our law firm is experienced in handling issues that involve probate court.

Individual areas of probate:

Challenging Wills

Trust Disputes


Elder Law

There are many unique legal issues associated with aging. This includes elder medicaid, nursing home planning, long term care, and more. This specialized area of law is known as elder law. Our law firm is highly experienced in helping senior citizens and their families with these unique legal aspects.

Individual aspects of this practice area:

Veterans Aid and Attendance

Medicaid and Nursing Homes

Long Term Care

Law Firm in Plymouth, MI

Sean J Nichols, PLLC is located in Plymouth, Michigan. Our law firm serves clients throughout the City of Plymouth and throughout Wayne County and Oakland County. We work with many clients outside this local area. If you cannot meet in person, our law firm has the ability to work remotely with clients both in, and outside the State of Michigan.

If you have legal concerns regarding any of the practice areas mentioned above, contact our law firm and arrange a confidential consultation today.