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As an experienced law firm for wills and trusts, Sean J Nichols, PLLC has helped many families across Michigan plan a comfortable future. This includes helping families set up wills, and with other legal matters such as probate, contesting wills, and more. All in all, wills are vital tools in ensuring loved ones are cared for after you inevitably reach the end of your life; thus, it’s important these documents are properly drafted and maintained.

You can read more about the various types of wills our law firm can assist you with below. If you or a loved one need help setting up a will or have other legal needs involving estate planning call our offices today.

Last Will and Testament

One of the most valuable gifts we can leave our loved ones after we have passed is peace of mind. In estate planning one of the tools that is often used is a will. A will goes through probate; the term probate means “proving the will”. Having a will in place assures that your estate is distributed as you wanted.

Without a will in place, the State of Michigan has a set of laws that take a best guess about you will receive your estate. Moreover, wills are not considered valid unless they’re set up, witnessed, and executed under a specific set of requirements in accordance with State law. You can see an example of a Michigan Last Will and Testament here.

Wills nominate personal representatives. Then, the personal representative of your choosing will guide your will through probate court. Most often, this personal representative will make decisions surrounding your funeral arrangements. Wills are a basic yet key part in a well drafted estate plan; a starting point to ensure your estate is distributed as you desire. As an experienced attorney for wills, trusts, and estate planning, Sean Nichols will help ensure this document is properly prepared.

Different Types Of Wills

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There are several different wills; each document has its own unique application. The lawyers at our firm recognize that each client has different needs; therefore, their will and overall estate plan is customized according to these needs. Different types of will include, but are not limited to:

Simple Will – As the name suggests, this will is typically straightforward and indicates what property should go to which beneficiary. This will is also known as a “last will and testament” or just a “last will.” It’s important to note, just because the it’s called a “simple will,” many complex legal issues can arise if this document is incorrectly set up or executed.

Living Will – These documents are not focused on distributing property after death, but rather dictate what type of treatment you should receive should you become incapacitated.

Testamentary Trust Wills – This will puts a certain amount of property into a trust and assigns another individual to control the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Joint Wills – This document is created by two individuals who wish to leave their assets with one another. Essentially, if and when one of these individuals pass away, the other receives all assets specified within the will.

Talk With An Attorney for Wills Today

It’s crucial that a properly executed will is prepared for you to make sure your estate is adequately handled after your death. Meeting with estate lawyers to discuss your heirs and last wishes are crucial if you have an estate of any size. A will that clearly and concisely states who will inherit what and how your estate is to be distributed after you’ve passed away.

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