6 Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney

Elder abuse is a worrisome public health concern whose cases are becoming increasingly common. Each year, one in every thirteen older adults above 60 suffers a form of abuse, including neglect and exploitation. As your loved one ages, they may become vulnerable to attacks, theft, and assault. You may need to have an elder law attorney to ensure that their rights, finances, and dignity remain protected.

If you are wondering why you would need an elder law office, here are six common reasons to hire an elder lawyer.

1. Complicated Long-term Care Plans

You may develop concerns about your loved one’s future medical care, especially if you do not have a lot of money in the bank. An elder law office can help you find legal standing through which your loved one may receive assistance. The attorneys may also provide legal advice relating to the liquidation of assets to help pay for the care they need.

2. Medicaid and Medicare Issues

Medicare is an automatic benefit for older Americans after they hit a certain age. With the combined efforts of Medicaid, lower-income families can pay for long-term care in some states. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provide strict guidelines for dual eligibility. You may need an elder law office to help you understand what the restrictions and the limits may be to become eligible.

3. Varying State Elder Laws

Different states have varying statutes regarding estate planning, trust formations, power of attorney and will writing. These laws may control who can or cannot serve as a personal representative, health surrogate, or personal representative. An experienced elderly law attorney can help you understand the legislation within your state to ensure that you do not fall into any legal issues.

4. Experiencing Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is quite rampant. An elder law office can help you pursue legal action against any family member or caregiver who is taking advantage of your loved one. They will work with you to assess the different legal options that you may have to get the older adult from the distressing situation.

5. Confused About Estate Planning

According to a poll by Edward Jones, 77% of American adults agree that estate planning is vital to everyone, regardless of their income levels or wealth status. Lawyers from the elder law office can help you update your loved one’s paperwork for their will. It may help reduce legal issues during the application of probate law after you pass on.

6. Disabled Elders and Veterans May Need Extra Assistance

Retired military service persons are owed extra benefits as they grow older. Your elder law firm can ensure your loved one receives the veteran benefits that can assist in offloading the burden of looking after them in old age. Additionally, disabled elders may require special accommodations that most facilities may not feel compelled to provide.

An elder law attorney can help you understand ADA regulations that your loved one can take advantage of to find the right level of long-term care. Older loved ones may face increased threats to their finance, health, and personal security as they age. An elder law lawyer can help protect their rights.

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