Oakland County Probate Court

Oakland County Probate Court

The Oakland County Probate Court hears cases involving the distribution of wills, trusts, and estates after a person passes away. Furthermore, the court also hears cases involving conservatorships, guardianships, and issues related to mental health/disability. These cases are often complicated and require a thorough understanding of laws involved with each specific issue.

Probate Court Processes

Several issues related to probate have their own set of processes, fees, and legal documents. To obtain information related to a specific issue, see the links below.

*Please Note*
Information within the links below and on this page can help guide you in the right direction; however, it’s not a substitute for legal professional legal advice. Consulting with an attorney is advised to ensure your case is correctly filed and handled. If you’d like to speak with an experienced Oakland County probate attorney call this number today (734) 386-0224

Example of an Oakland County Probate Court form that's titled petition and orderDecedent Estates, Wills, and Trusts

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Developmentally Disabled Individuals

Mental Health

The links above are publicly available information directly from the Oakland County Probate Court’s official website.

Oakland County Probate Court Judges

As of 2018, The Probate Court of Oakland County has four Probate Judges that serve on four general subject matters (developmental disability, mental health, guardianship/conservatorship, and wills/trusts/estates). You can read more about the judges below which is also publicly available information on the court’s website.

Honorable Kathleen A. Ryan – Kathleen Ryan is the Chief Probate Judge of Oakland County. She was elected to the Court November 2, 2010. The Honorable Judge Ryan, has several protocols in place relating to the scheduling of cases related to Guardianships/Conservatorship, Trusts, and Estates. In short, the aforementioned cases will be heard at 10:00 AM, while other cases will be heard at 8:30 AM.

Honorable Linda S. Hallmark – Linda Hallmark is a Chief Probate Pro Tem Judge appointed by the Governor in 1997. Judge Hallmark has several protocols in her Courtroom relating to Orders and Petitions presented in Court. For instance, original signatures are required on all orders and need to be signed by both attorneys and clients. No faxed orders are accepted.

Honorable Jennifer S. Callaghan – Jennifer Callaghan was recently elected in November, 2016. She was a Guardian Ad Litem serving the Probate Court 2007-2015. you can read more about her biography within the link above.

Honorable Daniel A. O’Brien – Daniel O’Brien was elected in November, 2008. Judge O’Brien has protocols relating to Motion Day Courtroom Procedures. For example, Proof of Service is required for a Case. In fact, this must be completely filled out and filed to the court or the case will not be called.

Probate Court Location

The Oakland County Probate Court is located at the address below, you can obtain specific driving directions here

1200 Telegraph Rd Building #12E,
Pontiac, MI 48341


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