Washtenaw County Probate Court

The Washtenaw County Probate Court is part of the Family Division of the Washtenaw County Trial Court system. This court primarily handles cases regarding the administration of estates after an individual passes away. This can be handled regardless of whether or not the deceased had a will.

In addition to this the court also handles cases for conservatorships on behalf of both minors and adults, which is useful when the person is not capable of making decisions on their own or is simply too young to do so. In these cases the court may appoint a conservatorship to act on behalf of an individual.

Since many of these cases are complex and difficult to navigate, it is wise to consult with a probate lawyer who is experienced and understands these cases as well as the local court system.

Opening a Case in Washtenaw County Probate Court

For those interested in opening a Michigan probate case in Washtenaw County, there are several steps required. The exact process and cost involved will depend on the case as well as the involved legal provisions. Below are some links to individual processes that you may find useful.

Please note that the information below is intended to help guide someone on the right path in this process but should not be considered a substitute for professional legal advice. It is strongly advised to consult with an attorney specializing in probate to ensure you are following the correct procedure. If you’re interested in speaking with an experienced Washtenaw County probate attorney call this number today (734) 386-0224



  • Formal Estates – The unsupervised administration on a decedent’s estate using either formal or informal proceedings. This provides the security of an official court order probating an estate
  • Informal Estates – There are no court hearings provided – instead a personal representative, called an executioner, is appointed by the court to probate the decedent’s estate with minimal court involvement


  • Adult – For those situations when an individual lacks sufficient understanding and capacity to make or communicate informed decisions and need a guardian appointed to do this for them.
  • Minor – For the purposes of having an adult other than the parents of a minor to have guardianship over them in order to take care of them.

Mental Health

  • Filing for Involuntary Commitment of another person to a mental health facility. This involves petitioning the court for the subject person to be examined at a mental health facility and then involuntarily committed and/or treated if deemed necessary.


Tips For Completing Forms:

  • Double check that you have all forms required
  • Use dark black ink
  • Make sure you have full address on all forms – including city, state and zip code

PDF form giving instructions on how to file a formal decedent estate petition in the Washtenaw County Probate Court.

Address and Location

All forms must be dropped off at the Washtenaw County Probate Court. Their address, hours and contact information is listed below:

101 E Huron Street
Room 1104
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
Get Directions

Open Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
Website: https://www.washtenaw.org/1174/Probate-Court

Guardianship & Mental Health Cases

Also handled by this court are mental health cases such as guardianships for individuals who have mental disabilities and the involuntary commitment of individuals to mental health facilities. These are often critical to ensure an individual receives the care they need. Another function of this court is the handling and storage of wills for safekeeping – to ensure that when the time comes the will and transfer of an estate goes smoothly.

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